Seismic Seismic Tekton Łożyska 8mm (6 ball)


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The Tekton bearings feature an innovating integrated spacer that has more contact. This makes for a solid assembly on your axle that reduces vibration, and aids in bearing longevity. This version has 6 balls for less contact and higher speeds.

Seismic Tekton 6-ball bearings - 8mm

Set of eight (8) bearings with integral flanged half-spacers.

Breakthrough self-aligning design corrects for flaws in bearing seat levelness, bearing seat spacing, axle diameter and axle straightness.

The 6-Ball Tekton is constructed with fewer, larger balls than ordinary 608Z bearings. This means less ball-raceway surface contact area, less friction, quicker acceleration, higher speed, and longer life.

More than two years in development, Seismic Tekton bearings feature wide, flat contact surfaces at the ends of integrated, custom-machined half-spacers. The broad flanges square up, co-align and self-stabilize inside your wheels -

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